17 October 2020

The Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance has partnered with Policy Research in International Services and Manufacturing (PRISM), the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED, University of Johannesburg), Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS, University of Pretoria), the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa (CCLA, University of Cape Town), Africa International Trade and Commerce Research (AITC), the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) and the Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS) to launch a webinar series.

The question that this webinar series will seek to address is: How can the AfCFTA advance transformative industrialisation?

The next set of three webinars will thus focus on each of these potential regional value chains with a view to exploring their potential to grow their competitiveness by deepening their regional networks at a regional and sub-regional level. The fourth webinar will reflect on the insights gained from the first three webinars and evaluate how to calibrate the modalities of the tariff reduction process; the appropriate rules of origin; the need to strengthen customs regulations and cooperation; the strengthening of regional institutions of cooperation for TBT and SPS regulations, Trade Facilitation, short term measures and deliverables of the AfCFTA.

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