16 January 2021

Sam Nujoma became the first President of Namibia from 1990 to 2005. Ethiopia is proud to be associated with founding of Organization for African Unity #oau & #AfricanUnion & to contribute to African independence and freedom struggle. A true spirit of Pan-Africanism. @flyethiopian

Nujoma “This was indeed a joyful & historic homecoming. After we landed, I ran into conflict with the South African Colonial head refused to allow pictures on the runway. A South African officer with a rifle was waiting to assassinate me as I embarked from the plane.” #Namibia
A fascinating PANAFRICAN story by Sam Nujoma “On 14 Sept 1989, my wife, accompanied by Moses Garoeb, SWAPO Secretary & other SWAPO senior officials embarked on a EAL Jet 767, flown by an Ethiopian captain & Namibian co-pilots whom SWAPO had trained with EAL” @hagegeingob #Namibia