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How Can Europe Better Contribute to Africa’s Economic Transformation in a Post-Corona Era?

Huge potential for stronger EU-Africa cooperation in #postcovid era. @DrArkebe & Germany's former President #HorstKohler highlight #Africa must...


UNSG @antonioguterres received signed copy of THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF THE ETHIOPIAN ECONOMY (Cramer, Cheru, Oqubay) from @ValerieAmos (former UN USG,...

Former President Sam Nujoma & SWAPO leader in Addis Ababa in 2004

Former President Sam Nujoma & SWAPO leader in Addis Ababa in 2004. I welcomed him as the mayor of Addis Ababa. I also had the honour to name...

PANAFRICAN story by Sam Nujoma

Sam Nujoma became the first President of Namibia from 1990 to 2005. Ethiopia is proud to be associated with founding of Organization for African...

‘African Economic Development: Evidence, Theory, Policy’ listed on Project syndicate commentators best reads in 2020

Many books have been written about the complexities, challenges, and prospects of the African continent. What makes this one special is the enormous quantity of information that the authors have carefully curated with an eye toward contemporary policy relevance. The authors, who include two economists (Cramer and Sender) and a senior minister and special adviser to the prime minister of Ethiopia (Oqubay), offer readers just the right combination of the evidence, theory, and policy promised in the title. Their book would make for rewarding read any time, but particularly now that the world is preparing for the post-pandemic recovery.

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PRD for Africa promotes policy research and dialogue for Africa’s economic transformation and prosperity. Policy capability and productive collaborations are a cornerstone for successful economic transformation in Africa. 

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At PRD for Africa, we commission, conduct and facilitate top-notch research and research topics on fundamental economic issues in order to provide policymakers with pragmatic, action-oriented recommendations for Africa’s economic transformation.

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PRD for Africa seeks to address African policy challenges through consultations; by conducting research on issues of critical national, regional and continental interests; through dissemination of knowledge and information on key developmental issues; and by influencing the relevant policy making processes.


Dr Arkebe Oqubay has written several path-breaking books, which can be explored on the Publications page of this website.